You have decided to buy a new oven or range hood. After you narrow down your options and select the products that meet your needs, compare to see which product is the most efficient.
You can do this by making sure the product’s energy efficiency label’s colour band is green (either as A or A+ for range hoods1 or A+++ for ovens).
You can also check that it has the lowest energy consumption.
Frequently, instead of buying the more energy efficient product, people opt for the cheaper option.
Although the up-front price tag of energy-efficient appliances may be intimidating, be sure to keep in mind the long-term savings.
Going green doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task.
Selecting the right energy efficient appliance can provide significant savings for both the environment and your wallet!
For example, you can save up to £230 with an A+ electric oven compared to a D class, over its lifetime.